The following horses are proudly offered for your consideration:

USEF: 5230832
'Gittano' is a 2005 16.1 hand Trakehner warmblood gelding. He is a stick and spur ride on the flat and carries himself beautifully around the course with automatic lead changes. Gittano goes in a regular snaffle, very brave, not spooky and is very handsome to look at. This is the best teacher for up to the 3ft in any arena. He has a big step and easily gets down the lines while carrying himself uphill making it very easy for every rider to stay balanced. This is the sweetest horse! Year lease or sale option. 
Jamal Van Orti
USEF: 5617482
'Jamal' is a 2009 imported Belgian Warmblood standing at 16.1 1/8 hands by the famous Toulon. Jamal has a record up to the 1.35's with a professional and the 1.25 with a junior and amateur. He is brave and quick off the ground making him the ideal candidate for an experienced competitive show home seeking a horse that is careful and wants to win. Jamal is great to flat and has all the buttons. He has automatic lead changes, goes in a rubber Pelham or a loose ring snaffle.  
Foxview's Godiva
USEF: 5452372
'Foxy' is a 2013 medium welsh cross pony mare standing 13.1 hands. She has the sweetest personality which makes her very simple for a child to handle. We can't say enough good things about this pony. She is not spooky, swaps her leads, kind and willing. Foxy has been very successful from teaching walk trot all the way through the children's ponies. She has the step and scope to do the medium division just needs to partner with a kid! She's a good mover and has won the undersaddles. Goes in a rubber snaffle and has zero prep! Don't miss out on this gem! She is available for lease or sale 
USEF: 5674196
'Inspire' is a recently imported 2013 Kwpn gelding standing at 16.2 hands. Inspire has made his American hunter debut and we feel is suitable for all three rings. He is a little green for his age but brave and willing. He has schooled 1.30 at home with enough scope just needing to be developed in a specific direction. He could do any job including eventing. He is a great project type for a junior to make up in a program to master flatwork and exercises to really make him shine in whichever direction you chose. Motivated owner. Offered for sale only. 
'Verity' is an aged warmblood mare by Indoctro standing 15.3 hands. She goes in a snaffle and has automatic changes and a willing attitude to work well with any type of rider. She can teach lessons up to the 2'6 and will keep you safe. She is uphill and simple to ride. Verity is kind and forgiving and really aims to please in whatever you are asking her to do. She has good ground manners and is responsive without being overly reactive. If she is confused or feels her rider off balance she will just slow down and reassures her rider. Offered for a very reasonable sale or lease
Rivolia D' Icha
USEF: 5379786
'Rivolia' is a 2005 imported Selle Francis mare standing at 15.3 hands. Rivolia has an FEI record up to the 1.35 jumpers. She had a great sport career and is now teaching young riders. Rivolia is safe and kind with no mare like behaviors. She steps right around with perfect lead changes and a big slow step making her the ideal horse up to 3'3. She goes in a regular snaffle, is easy to manage and very comfortable. This horse has not taken one step wrong, she is a trainers dream. Rivolia is predictable extremely honest and will always pick the safest distance. She carries a great balance and her brain makes a suitable horse for almost any entry level. Available for sale only.
'Daisy' is a 2014 medium green pony mare standing at 13.1 hands. Daisy was started western and had recently made her transition to the hunter jumper world and is taking everything in perfect stride. She is kind and personable in the barn and is adjusting well to the new program. She is a good mover and jumps in good form. She will land the leads and working on her changes. This pony never spooks and believes that whoa is a very serious word. Daisy goes in a regular snaffle. She is learning the little kid job very well and has even taught some kids how to canter for the first time. This pony is a steal for someone looking for an investment type or to make sure your kids are safe. Offered for sale only.
USEF: 5369411
'Nova' is a 2009 17' hand Holsteiner gelding with experience in the jumpers and ability to cross over into the eq ring. He has a puppy dog personality, extra comfortable gaits, changes, and a jump that doesn't move you. Having experience in the 1.25s, he has recently been successful competing with an AA in the 1.10s. Nova is currently being offered for a half lease with an in barn lease preferred. 
'Bubbles' is a 2009 medium pony mare standing at 13.1 hands. Bubbles is very kind and honest. She loves little kids and will make sure they feel comfortable at all times. She has automatic lead changes and the most comfortable gaits. Bubbles goes in a rubber snaffle and is brave to the jumps not spooky and great around property. You can teach walk trot kids through the child ponies. She is a trainers dream, very reliable and safe. Bubbles is coursing 2'-2'6 and never goes faster than you want her to. She is a spur and stick ride. This is a great pony, no naughty business. Available for lease, sale or in barn lease.
'Rosie' is an aged quarter horse mare standing about 15.1 hands. She is fantastic on trail, around the barn and for beginner lessons. She has much more whoa than go and is very kind and responsive. Goes in a hackamore and aims to please. She is currently teaching beginner lessons and we would love for her to at least have one consistent person who appreciates her as much as we do. Available for half lease only. 

All of these horses jump the Liverpool with no issues. They have been Amateur and Junior tested in all circumstances and have been proven to be suitable for the above jobs. Most horses also have the option to lease. 

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